Seminar on How Education Shape the Youth for Global Challenges:
The Jewish and German Experience
Date and Time Venue Speaker No. of Places
20 July 2018
Yeung Kai-yin Memorial
Lecture Theatre,
7/F VTC Tower,
27 Wood Road, Wan Chai
Ms Christine Choy
Human Resources Consultant


About the Seminar

The success of the Jews and German in the modern era and their prominence in occupations in the realms of commerce, finance and engineering are always admired by many people. Jews and German children seem to have practicing strong educational values that have focused on core STEM subjects before many other understand what STEM education should be as a policy.

The speaker would like to share the Jews and German’s education experience with a wish to inspire participants getting insight on reason behind their success. A demonstration of how Jews and German use magic show to educate their children will be performed at the seminar as a real-life example.

Seminar Aims

This seminar aims to:

  • help participants learn more about the uniqueness of education system and practices of Jews and German; and
  • inspire participants to adopt some of the best education practice of Jews and German to their own teaching or development initiatives.

Medium of Instruction

Chinese (Cantonese) supplemented with English terms

Target Participants

Academic and teaching staff from vocational and professional education and training (VPET) institutions and higher education institutions, VPET workplace mentors, VPET stakeholders and interested members of the public are welcome.

Free admission

About the Speaker

Ms Christine Choy

Human Resources Consultant

Ms Christine Choy is a professional consultant and trainer in human resource management and psychological development. She has started her own consultancy company 14 years ago and the company is a qualified service provider of Efficiency Unit. Her clients included Hong Kong SAR government departments, public bodies and multinational companies in Hong Kong, PRC, Europe, Russia, Middle East and South East Asia.

Ms Choy has profound experience in the development work of students, teaching staff and counselors for universities in Hong Kong, PRC, Japan and Europe. She has also developed quite a number of psychometric ability test for selection purpose for many companies’ management trainees program.

Ms Christine Choy, an experienced human resources consultant introduces the education system in Germany and Israel.


Ms Annie Lau (Programme Leader) 2836 1312
Ms Ali Cheung (Project Officer) 2919 1495

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