About the Keynote Speeches

Keynote Speech 1 – Learning How to Learn Together Using Technology

Helping tertiary students to develop 21st century competencies and learning how to learn are important goals for educating young people in our information-rich and diversified world. Computer-supported platforms and technology-enhanced resources are now increasingly common and they provide unprecedented opportunities to transform teaching and learning. While the role of technology has been widely recognised, how learning, pedagogy and technology can be integrated to help students become self-regulated and collaborative learners, and how teachers can use e-learning resources to motivate students are important questions to consider.

Professor CHAN, Carol K.K.

Professor, Faculty of Education,
The University of Hong Kong, HK

Professor Carol Kwai-kuen Chan is Professor at Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong. Her research focuses on examining how students learn and how to design pedagogy supported by technology to foster students’ deep learning. She has published widely in different areas of learning, cognition and technology, and she is internationally well known for her research in computer-supported knowledge building. Professor Chan works closely with teachers in schools and tertiary institutions for theory-practice integration, and she is currently a Board Member of Education City. She is also a recipient of University Teaching Award and Faculty Outstanding Supervisor Award at The University of Hong Kong.

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Keynote Speech 2 – A Vision for Teaching to Meet the Needs of Learners in the 21st Century, Changing the Directionality of Teaching to Support Student Led Learning

Despite huge advances in technology over the last 60 years, very little has changed in how we view learning and how we design learning environments. The transmission model of education is still the model of education most widely used in most developed societies. The focus of many educationalists has therefore become one of making this heritage approach of traditional teaching work for the 21st century, instead of shifting the model. The time has come to make a 180o turn, to employ teaching approaches which extend beyond classroom walls, to inspire and empower students and to shift the paradigm.


Head of Subject for Education, Childhood and Youth Studies,
University of Hull, UK

Dr Joanne Traunter is Head of Childhood, Education and Youth Studies at the University of Hull in the UK. The School of Education sits within the Faculty of Arts, Culture and Education and runs successful international partnerships in Hong Kong and around the world. The School of Education prides itself on innovative and engaging programme designs which truly empower students for the future of teaching and learning. Dr Traunter proposes a multimodal approach to programme design, one where students access human and digital resources to drive their own learning beyond the classroom walls, where students exchange ideas, discuss, question, reflect and make connections anywhere, anytime.

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