Workshop on Application of Motivational Interviewing in Mentoring
(for Hotel and Catering)
Date and Time Venue Facilitator No. of Places
11 January 2018
Rm 1102, 11/F,
VTC Tower,
27 Wood Road
Wan Chai
Ms Elaine Chow
Training Consultant of
Vital Employee Service Consultant

Medium of Instruction

Chinese (Cantonese) supplemented with English terms

Target Participants

Academic and teaching staff from vocational and professional education and training (VPET) institutions and higher education institutions, VPET workplace mentors, VPET stakeholders and interested members of the public are welcome.

Free admission

Workshop Outline

The main goals of motivational interviewing are to engage people, elicit change talk, and evoke people’s motivation to make positive changes on performance. It has been adapted as one of the effective tools used in mentoring process to facilitate positive changes of mentees.

The workshop will introduce the basic concepts and principles of motivational interviewing (psychological resistance to change, six stages of changes, characteristics of motivational interviewing and four stages of motivational interviewing) and highlight the commonalities between motivational interviewing and mentoring. Participants will have the chance to apply the motivational skills through case discussion and role plays.

On completion of this workshop, the participants would be able to:

  • describe basic concepts and principles of motivational interviewing;
  • discuss the commonalities between motivational interviewing and mentoring; and
  • demonstrate some key skills of motivational interviewing in mentoring via case study and role-play.

Ms Elaine Chow, Registered Industrial-Organisational Psychologist, highlights the commonalities between motivational interviewing and mentoring .


Ms Annie Lau (Programme Leader) 2836 1312
Ms Ali Cheung (Project Officer) 2919 1495

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