Miss Elaine Chow gives examples on handling different mentoring scenarios

The role play session offers participants an opportunity to practise the 10 motivational interviewing techniques.

The participants express their views on mentoring relationship and the difficulties on motivating students.

The participant shares her mentoring experiences in the workplace.


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Innovative Pedagogical Strategies in VPET Series

Innovative Pedagogical Strategies in VPET Series is funded by the Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS) on the project of “Development of Effective Pedagogical Practices and a Cross-institutional Online Sharing Platform for Hong Kong's Vocational Education and Training (VET)”. It offers seminars and workshops on a regular basis to keep VPET academic and teaching staff, workplace mentors and VPET stakeholders abreast of the most updated flexible learning, innovative pedagogical practices, competency-based and task-oriented instructional strategies. It also serves the purpose of enhancing peer learning between institutions’ academic and teaching staff and workplace mentors to maximise support to students during their workplace learning and industrial attachment.